Program Suspensions and Closures

Should it be necessary to close or suspend a program, it is important that the appropriate notifications are made.


Phase 1 Internal Consultation

Program suspensions and closures should be discussed at the School/Departmental level. The Dean and Provost should be apprised of the intention to suspend or close a program.

When a program closure or suspension is ready to be documented for internal and external notification, the required forms should be completed. Please refer to Phase 2 for internal forms and Phase 3 for external forms.

Phase 2 Internal Notifications

Faculty Council

The intention to close or suspend a program should be presented to the Faculty Council. Generally, the Senate Curriculum Committee Form 6: Program Closure Form (link below) is used for the presentation.

You should consult with your Dean's Office regarding Faculty Council meeting dates.

Senate Curriculum Committee (Administrative) and Senate

Please complete the Form 6: Program Closure Form.

Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates

The deadline for undergraduate curriculum submissions is the last week of November. The Senate Curriculum Committee (Administrative) meets in December to review submissions and make recommendations, and reports to Senate in January or February. The Senate Curriculum Committee (Administrative) may consider submissions on an as needed basis for time-sensitive items.

Submissions are reviewed on an as-need basis, but only after the Faculty Council meeting has taken place and the changes have been approved.

Senate Meeting Dates

The Acadia University Senate meets monthly from September to June.

Phase 3 External Notifications

The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (MPHEC) must be notified of program closures or suspensions. *Health and health-related programs must first also notify the Atlantic Advisory Committee on Health Human Resources (AACHHR)

MPHEC Forms and Tables
As of March 31, 2022, program closures and suspensions no longer require a proposal to be submitted for assessment. The MPHEC should be notified in writing of any suspensions by March 1, annually.

AACHHR Program Termination

Phase 4 Program Closure Implementation

When closing or suspending a program, please ensure the following:

  • The Admissions Office to close program application.
  • The Registrar's Office has marked the program as closed in Colleague and removed it from the Academic Calendar.
  • The Departmental website is updated.
  • Any other impacted units are notified.